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Whipped Coconut Carob Jello Cups

Jello Cups

Gelatin is healing for your gut and I can attest to that. After a year of supplementing gelatin in my diet, my stomach issues have gotten much better and my hair skin and nails benefited.

Great lakes beef gelatin is a high quality source that comes from grass fed cows.

Here’s an even better reason why I like gelatin…

The following recipe is my standard/favorite jello flavor recipe with carob powder.
I have made white jello, key lime, strawberry, mint, etc.
This will just give you tips how to make any flavor creamy and great.

Whipped Coconut Carob Jello Cups

Makes: 8 dessert cups


2 tbsp unflavored gelatin

11/2 tbsp carob

coconut cream concentrate

coconut flakes



you will also need

glass measuring cup

8 glass dessert cups



  1. Boil water in a teapot.
  2. Measure 2 tbsp gelatin and place into your measuring cup.
  3. Add in rounded tablespoon of carob and stevia to taste. (you can add after if your not sure how much to use)
  4. Mix in a few inches of cool water, mix, and follow with hot water after to help dissolve the gelatin fully.
  5. Add in a spoonful of coconut cream and a small handful of coconut flakes.
  6. Add your mix to the vitamix or blender. Add in enough water to fill 8 (8oz) dessert cups. (whip at the highest setting)
  7. While pouring finished jello mixture taste to make sure it's sweet enough. Foam will have formed after blending so evenly distribute foam into 8 cups first, then follow with filling cups with the liquid.
  8. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.
  9. Chill in the fridge for 1-2 hours or until firm.


If you do not add in cool water before hot, the gelatin will clump and be difficult to dissolve.

The jello separates into a fudge caorb bottom….a jigly middle…. and a crust of pulverized coconut flakes on top.
It is truly a guilt free dessert that even helps your meal digest better! Who knew that even existed.

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