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Paleo Sushi Rolls

One thing I admit to missing terribly after going low-carb/paleo is sushi. Yesterday I really craved it, but then I thought I really don’t want all that rice.
(first attempt: a success!)

You will need…

food processor 
mandolin slicer
head of organic cauliflower
1/2lb king crab leg (for 3 people)
1 organic cucumber
coconut aminos
guar gum (optional)
Eden wasabi powder
1 avacado
nori seaweed sheets
bamboo sushi roll mat’


1.  cut and clean cauliflower, grate finely in food processor, steam and let cool. sprinkle a few pinches of guar gum just to give it a “stickier” texture
2.  rinse and cut cucumber in 1/2 and scoop out seeds. set the mandolin to create thin strips
3.  prepare thin strips of avacado
4.  shred your king crab leg and set aside
5.  prepare wasabi sauce by adding water to powder

6.  take 1 sheet of nori on bamboo mat and add “rice” flat to edges. leave ~1 1/2 in. bare on the far end to finish the roll
7.  neatly place ingredients on the “rice” up to the edges
8.  tightly roll with the bamboo mat (when you get to the far ( bare ) end brush it with water so it becomes soft and sticks to create a neat finish
9.  take your sharpest knife and cut down the center. repeat to create a 8 piece sushi roll

serve with wasabi sauce if you like it spicy,  
coconut aminos,  
miso soup
and green tea if you want to go all out.
don’t forget chopstix. 
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