July 2016
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In the summer of 2000, I told my mom I wanted a pet that "does more". I went through a few fish, a frog, and had an English Budgie. When my mom walked into a bird store to get our first bird, Kiwi, some seed she saw a woman holding a beautiful little bird that... Read More...

With the weather getting colder my sensitive skin craves moisture, and with the holidays in full swing many we can always use a way to relax and unwind. A remedy for dry skin with a little TLC can be found in your own cupboard. Organic oats are an easy, accessible and low budget go-to for... Read More...

October 2013


Today is Ralphie's birthday. When he overheard us talking about it being his birthday he ran and scampered around the house like he was getting something. Now, I know he has no clue what birthday means but I guess from the sound of it, it seemed great. I cannot believe he is 4 years old... Read More...

April reminds me of cherry blossoms which is why I incorporated them in my header for this month. I like to capture things (usually in nature) to highlight the month and what makes it different/special. The cherry blossom bloomfest started this weekend in Branch Brook Park, Newark NJ. The cherry blossom festival goes from April... Read More...

Almond Bonbon Cookies


Almond bonbon cookies can be sugar free, paleo, low carb and soft and chewy. These are a breeze to bake if you have a half hour to spare. I only recommend using blanched almond flour from Honeyville farms for this recipe as almond meal can yield a much different product (look and taste-wise). These are... Read More...

Crochet Aran Hearts Throw


Within a day the snow is melted. Everything is thawing and it feels great to open up some windows and circulate the fresh air. Last night I ended up finishing the last bit of edging on a crochet blanket I've been working on and I'm happy to finally call it finished! What attracted me from... Read More...

I haven't crocheted in years. The last time was when I was real young and my Great Aunt was teaching me a chain, double & triple stitch. I never made anything significant and recently I've been interested in picking up the art again. I was looking on the LionBrand website and got pretty motivated when... Read More...

Ode to Summer

Ralphie swims

I always love the transition from summer to fall. However, it's still summer so I thought I'd make one last post to top it off. Here's my ode to summer. (well...Ralphie's) ...okay, so maybe he doesn't have it that bad.  :)

Felt Bird Toy

Bird toy

Paulie is our lovebird and since she doesn't have a mate, cuddle toys are a must. Yesterday I picked out some felt to make a bird toy. Directions: cut 4-5 inch strips of felt tie knots around an old bird swing yep it's that easy Similar versions of this swing are sold in bird stores... Read More...

Feather Plucking


My lovebird, Paulie,  spent her first 10 years making nests and laying eggs. Hen lovebirds are much harder to train because they become very territorial after puberty. She's been a handful, and not exactly the tamest bird because of hormones. I also wasn't able to devote a huge amount of time with her while growing... Read More...

Meet Paulie


Paulie is 12 years old and has a big personality. As for her hobbies, she likes to take baths and considers herself an avid paper chewer. You may find her digging  in purses... as she's particularly fond of money. She loves to eat peas... ...and competes with the dog. Ralphie doesn't know what to make... Read More...

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