July 2016
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In honor of Asbestos Awareness Week (April 1st - 7th), I'm happy to share with my readers an inspirational couple who has beat the odds of mesothelioma, an aggressive and rare cancer that can kill within two years. Heather and her husband Cameron have made it their mission to spread the word about mesothelioma, after... Read More...

October 2013


Essie Using My Maiden Name – This polish is inspired by blue hydrangeas (my favorite!) and part of the Essie Wedding Collection. I do not usually wear blues or greens on my nails for fear of feeling 10. When the sun shines on this color though turns out to be more medium purple, with an... Read More...

New Year Intentions

coconut oil chocolates

Another year has come and gone. That was quick! Why does it seem as we get older the years go by faster? As for resolutions, I don't make 'em. Resolutions sound very absolute and concrete and in my opinion are too easy to break and fail at. A few years back in a yoga class... Read More...

Where There is Despair, Hope


This past Friday left many of us with tears and and heartache over what happened in Connecticut. When despair comes across a person, there is no logic, no words of consolation that can be offered. I have experienced loss and by no means am I an expert on how you overcome that. Most everyone at... Read More...

Monday Inspiration


Monday's always need a little extra inspiration. Grain free cookies in the future? I think so, especially since the holidays are coming. Love Marc Johns and his witty, sarcastic, funny and charming artwork.

September 1st


Five things to love about 1. the anticipation of fall This is by far the best part of September (besides the bright blue skies). Right around the corner are fall festivities, craft fairs, pumpkin & apple picking, and of course the beautiful changing of leaves. 2. cooler weather I might be alone on this one... Read More...

Fear and Faith


When going through challenges, especially those that seem to have no end or appear insurmountable, it's increasingly difficult to be fearless. Shaking the fear and having faith may be possible for a moment... but to be authentic and consistent with it is a something I have yet to master. I'm not convinced that kind of... Read More...

Rain dance


Today this is what I saw out my back door. This photo reminds me of the saying, when it rains, it pours. This past week has been pretty cloudy and full of thunderstorms. I kind of love it.  It hasn't been the dreary/depressing rainy weather. I don't think summer has those. Summer showers usually come... Read More...



One thing I'm really looking forward to making on this blog is a recipes section. It'll mostly pertain to anyone who has food allergies, follows a low carb diet, or is on a candida/paleo diet/gaps diet. I've really grown to love cooking since I make all my meals from scratch for health reasons. It'll be... Read More...





Everyone seems like a pro at blogging these days and I've always been hopeful that I would be savvy enough to create my very own! This summer seems like the perfect time to try. My goal is to share healthy recipes while living in accordance with Nature.  Everyone has their own way of nourishing these... Read More...