July 2016
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My name is Lauren Michelle. Welcome to my food blog where I am inspired by simple, fresh, and whole food ingredients all while journaling the beauty of nature and various craft projects. I reside in the tri-state area and though a city girl at heart I crave dark night skies where you can see the stars and pine covered mountains. Being drawn to all things creative, I began my studies in illustration and am now working on completing a degree in communication disorders. I find that channeling my creative energy in ways that improve other peoples lives is most satisfying.

1In 2008 I began a progressive journey towards eliminating processed foods from my diet. The body and mind have strong influences on one another other and though I was living a satisfying life, my immune system began breaking down. This led me on a journey towards learning about nutrition and becoming more comfortable in the kitchen while having to avoid sugar, dairy, and grains. (A complete 180 from everything I knew, basically.) I’m not one for doing things half half-heartedly and gave my all to bring my body back into balance and I’m happy to say the efforts have been rewarding. Couldn’t have done it without all the support from my family! The community of people helping others do the same is valuable. I also have to add that in the beginning it can take a while to undue damage that has been done over years, much harder than prevention. But nothing is forever, and after all this time I can now eat many things that I used to be unable to due to stomach issues that are now resolved. Still, I never turn my back on this new lifestyle and all I’ve learned.

My motto is to “get back to basics” when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and I try to take advantage of buying local whenever possible. Unrefined saturated fats, coconut oil, butter, organic vegetables + fruits, wild caught fish + pasture raised/grass-fed animal protein are always on the menu. After growing up on the “all American diet” I’ve adopted what some call the “caveman” or paleo diet based on what our ancestors ate. The Winston A. Price Foundation has also been a valuable source of information when it come to diet and lifestyle. Once you chisel away the confusing details, leading a healthy lifestyle is all about simplicity and dedication. I am thankful you stopped by and am passionate about sharing ideas with you as I now know getting back to basics does not mean giving up deliciousness!