October 2012
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October 2012

Happy Halloween everyone! We got zero trick-or-treaters due to Hurricane Sandy. Schools are out for the rest of the week and I may have heard that trick-or-treaters are postponed till Monday. It seemed wrong to have them out tonight considering the damage and devastation throughout NJ. It's heartbreaking. The shore areas got hit the worst,... Read More...

Gluten Free Blackberry Bars


It was a last minute decision. Hurricane Sandy arrived, dinner was cooking and we lucked out with power. Not sure how that happened considering the winds were reaching up to 80mph and 2/3 of the state are powerless. My heart goes out to all those who are affected. Last year hurricane Irene flooded our basement... Read More...

Spinach Florentine Omelet


I usually don't do dairy on this blog. I personally don't eat it and do better without, but a few in my family enjoy their cheese. Cheese is a very traditional food and who doesn't love the taste! The mozzarella I used is made with raw milk from grass fed cows. I found out some... Read More...

Everything in October is pumpkins. There are pumpkins all over supermarkets, pumpkin farms, pumpkins decorated and adorning our homes, and pumpkin recipes popping up all over the place. Phew, had enough of it? I'll admit, I enjoy it and every year I get some mini pumpkins to spruce up the room. I can't resist adding... Read More...

Many common foods can be categorized by temperature (warming and cooling). According to Ayurveda/Chinese medicine, during different seasons it is wise to eat more cooling or warming foods to help combat the rapid changing weather. As autumn approaches and the days get chillier here the northeast I  lean towards more heartier meals with warmth. Although... Read More...



I finally got a bow for the dried apple wreath I finished a few weeks back. Better late than never! It was beautiful without, but I am finally satisfied to say the wreath is now finished. Not sure if the whole thing will keep in condition to display next year. Even if it doesn't, it... Read More...

Red Cabbage Cole Slaw


Green cabbage is usually more common when we think of cole slaw, but once in a while I like to alternate with a red cabbage which offers more robust & hearty flavor. The deep rich color is not only beautiful, but an indicator of high levels of phytonutrients & antioxidants. TIP: Cole slaw doesn't need... Read More...